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Forum Security & Changes


Did the forum security certificate expire? Also have changes been made, certain things now appear different.


Oh NO!!!.. not… CHANGE!!

(just kidding you PU)


Well, aside from the now missing security certificate and changes. I also since experienced visiting where the style sheets were missing and the the forum was un-styled “text only”, and also a security warning directly on the login pop up. Wish I would of took screenshots.

I guess as long as they are not getting HACKED, I wont give a @!*#$%.

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I don’t come to the forums via https… most forums are not secured via SSL.
Trying to access the forum via HTTPS the site refuses to load in Opera, my main browser.


Virtually every single forum I visit is SSL.

I thought this one used to be, or am I mistaken @earnoud ? I know various things here have differed and occurred lately as mentioned above regardless.


That’s interesting, I find those that do use SSL are slow. SSL is not meant to be used on large dynamic pages mainly for purchase pages, registration pages etc… There are entire site SSL’s but those are expensive not to mention you need special hosting setup and can’t use shared hosting which most forums are.

Some hosts have a blanket SSL for the entire server but you get into trouble their because it is not set for a specific domain and users get the error about certificate not correct for such and such domain they are visiting.

There is a user limit to the lower cost SSL Certificates which makes it a problem for popular forums. The cost gets too expensive the higher you go up unless you already have a good level of income from the site. Most just go with the lower SSL which are only for payment, registration pages etc… because of the user limitations.


None that I visit are, so yes interesting.