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Hi everyone, I’m new here and this is my first post
I hope you like it, Anything, just talk, I have plans for something better.
This was just a test

Best Regards
Heli Herrera

Selling Pinegrow Custom Themes and Plugins

That is kind of you to give these blocks away for free.

I’m not going to be hypocrite and say these are the type of blocks I would use BUT they are of a professional standard, the same type of block kits being sold on theme forest and elsewhere.

This is one of the great selling points of Pinegrow, as say people want to use templates (or block kits) they can purchase a template from any of these market places and edit within Pinegrow.

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well I spoke too soon as I like your “tabs” block! Nice work.

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Hi Heli,

Welcome to the Pinegrow forums and community. Thanks for sharing your Blocks with the community, that’s a nice example you have put together to share with others. The only thing I found is the scroll/waypoint animations happen a bit late and you can scroll past them before they trigger. Otherwise again nice examples, it’s a nice precedent you have provided, by sharing these.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to see what your “plans” are for something further beyond this “test”.

Again welcome to the forum Heli.


Hi Heli ,
Awesome blocks and thanks a lot for sharing!.
I can’t wait to see what more things you will come up with.

Ps: I see you use my 2 favorite softwares so one more thing i would be willing to pay for is a tutorial on how you make this from scratch to finnish in PG and AD.what i mean is design in AD and the slicing to PG


But the question is: how do you add them to PineGrow on a Mac :wink:


Hi, Jack, thank you so much.

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Hi Pinegrow_User, and thanks
On the animations, I left it to the end, but I ended up forgetting to edit them, next time I’ll be more careful.
and sorry for my bad English


I’m not sure how to add into windows version. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi beatngu, and thanks
Yes, they are also my 2 favorite software`s
I did the design in Affinity Designer and code in Pinegrow,
I’m glad you liked it
I’m already working on something better and more professional


“load project as library” - you need PInegrow Pro or open as project if you want to customise the blocks.

You will then see the blocks in the panel


heliherrera - I’ve just been testing these within Pinegrow and two minor issues

1 - the animated text isn’t loading visually within Pinegrow

2 - When viewing at around 999px there is a slight problem with the margins and scrolling

I loaded one website I created using animator pro-plug in and the text loads, its only when I open up your index file, strange but personally I’m no longer using animation, it doesn’t offer anything at all other than impressing a few people, as great as the animator pro plug-in is, I would design static bootstrap block kits, especially as most people that use these kits won’t know how to adjust the animation.

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Thank you for the blocks. Interesting for me to see what you did as I am about to start on a block making project myself. However I am having difficulty getting this to load in PG. I get the prieviews in the Lib Panel but when I drag a block to the tree None of the assets or text show up - the html seems to be there but nothing else so I assume there is a loading issue. I have loaded you Free_Pinegrow-Blocks folder as downloaded - so I am sure I have missed something so if you or any one else can advise it would be appreciated.

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heliherrera - if you’re a perfectionist like me, then take a look at section “form-1” that is causing the problem regarding the margins, but it’s only a minor issue. It would be rare for anyone to view at that resolution, but its the sort of thing that would bug me!

Good luck with your future work and it was kind of you to give these for free but next time sell your work, as everyone else is selling bootstrap block kits and I know how much time goes into making these and all the fine details so hopefully next time you can make some money!

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Sometimes there is an issue, I’ve had this before but at the top of the page, you will see “Components”, left click, then from the drop down menu click “add/update resources from library”. Then within the following menu you can add/update resources.

If you’re loading project as a library or or wanting to add these blocks to a site and you find certain resources aren’t loading, File - manage library, then click resources and add/update resources.

Failing that, you can copy/paste the entire contents of free pinegrow blocks to the location of the website you’re wanting to use these blocks for, although be careful about replacing files that already exist.

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You can also quickly check the style sheet is attached, sometimes its as simple as a missing style sheet not loading and for this block-kit he has used style.css

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Hey Jack,

Got it to half load but have to manually add everything in the assets file except the javascript folder


Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay in the answers, here are some corrections
In the animations, And I gave a clean in the css, with more comments
I’ll add more blocks in the next few weeks.
Do not hesitate in contact me

Best Regards
Heli Herrera

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Of course Jack, I’m also a perfectionist, and that made me crazy. When I corrected it, I came across more problems, so I had to correct everything!
So, this delay, I have not slept yet
But thanks for the great feedback

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Hi Jack, I just corrected that.
About the animations, this is strange, as you see in video in my Pinegrow, everything appears without problems, only when I click on object like a text that disappears, I also do not understand this, I opened the site itself example of Animator pro and the same thing happens happens
Anyway I’ll take a look, and see what can be

And thanks for the words.