20 minutes course: image thumbnail uses PG_Image instead of the_post_thumbnail

I am looking at the online PG course how to create a basic WordPress theme in 20 minutes.
Using PG 5.9.3, Bootstrap 4 html page in a new empty project. Wordpress 5.3.2.

Video: at time 06:00 the image in the column gets a wordpress action: The post thumbnail.
It shows the generated php code: if(…) … the_post_thumbnail(‘large’);
When I do the exact same actions here I do not get this php code, I get next code:

<?php echo PG_Image::getPostImage( null, 'large', null, 'height', null ) ?>

Then exporting/saving I do see a page with posts lapping over each other. Images are very large, not size 200.

Any ideas?
I did place the main-container-row-colum in the right place so no DIV issues here.

Welcome to the Pinegrow forum!

I have no Wordpress knowledge or experience, but I can point you to the documentation.
Maybe you can find an answer or solution there.

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Thanks Marf. I did see this item before but reading it does not make it easier.
Somehow it looks like it does not work with the code that is presented in this 20 minutes course from PG.
If someone has good examples then please share it.
Many thanks.

I did a quick lookup and I think you are referring to this video

That’s an old(er) one, from 2015. Which was for Pinegrow v2, There is a lot changed since then! You can better follow and watch the more recent Wordpress Tutorials, to get a better understanding how things are working now in the current v5 interface and learn also about the “Smart Actions”.

And there is a lot of Wordpress information in the documentation.

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Ok you are right, I already had my doubts about the video from 4 yeards ago, since right now I am using latest versions for everything. But at least the video was nice to get some global understaning how the setup should be in a theme: header-main-footer (with or without sidebar), pages.html, single.html… so next for me is to skip this 20 minute video and dive in the others. Many thanks!