Additional HTML (& other) Templates...if I purchase the app...?

hello again…

In the trial version, I found a bootstrap template I liked…which I can hopefully use to redesign my website…but…I’m not all that thrilled w/ bootstrap, given what I’ve heard/read about flex box & css grid being better.

So…if I purchase the app (the trial version of which runs out today)…will there be:

more HTML templates than just new.html?
Flex Box templates?
CSS Grid templates?



Bootstrap 4 is built using Flexbox.

Pinegrow fully supports BS4, plus vanilla Flexbox and CSS Grid development, some links, info and tutorials were already provided in your other thread about all three topics.

As for further templates you can buy and use any 3rd party template you find and like if desired. If you get the Pinegrow Pro version which supports projects you can open templates and work on your projects as needed.

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Thanx…now I know

So…does Pinegrow Pro have a bunch more templates…???

[btw…did a dumb thing…purchased MUSE for one month…come to find out it doesn’t even have a Code Qiew…what a bust…shoulda just purchased Pinegrow Pro]


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Adobe has just announced they are discontinuing development (and eventually support) for Muse. It was not a great program for a person looking to really learn how to code websites. It was designed more for visual designers who don’t want to deal with code.

Regarding templates, I’ve found some free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 templates at these websites. The first one is an awesome package of 100 templates, all FREE! (note, you don’t need to send an actual tweet, just click the button and close the popup window, and the download will start)

These sites also have a lot of great, free templates. (for some reason, this wasn’t working when I checked tonight, but it was working last week) (some of the templates here tend to be older, and not as professional, but free is free!)



THANX very much, man…!!!..I saved them all (the links)…because I asked the admin to delete that post [since I just tonite purchased the app (Pingrow Pro)…started my re-design…& already have some questions…see new post (Up & Running)].

thanx again,


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