Background video loop with Blocks 2019

I want to create a background video (fixed) for my home page. I am completely new to Pinegrow and I am using Bootstrap Blocks to create the pages of my website. Although the coding should be relatively simple, I’m a little rusty on how to do it. I’m going to use a transparent navbar over the top of the background video. I am also hoping to have the content of the homepage scroll over the video so that it is exposed between blocks. Can anyone help me with this?

There was a topic posted back in 2016… but I really didn’t get a lot from it.


Probably because this goes beyond the typical sort of “help” you’d get in a user forum. You’re talking about a fair bit of work to build a page like this. You’ll have to use a fixed position on the div containing the video, and play with z-index values to have it appear below the rest of the page content. Not difficult in theory, but could be complex depending on what the rest of your site is going to contain.

Can you get something up online, even a preliminary page, so we can take a look at where you’re going with this? It might then be easier to offer some guidance. What you’ve got now is basically, “I have this cool idea, can someone explain to me how to make it happen.”

Hi Ansma,

Normally when I make something like this I go to Github and search for a usable script.
This stuff is Free, Tested and easy to implement in any website.
In this case I searched for jQuery background video

Here is an example:

Here you can download the script:

It’s not a good idea to invent the wheel your self if you don’t have the knowledge and are able to
test it cross browser. Keep in mind that there are some limitation on IOS and Android.

Hope this helps you!