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Blocks Accordion Change open panel


Does any one remember how to change the default open panel on the accordion in Content 3-4 in blocks - I remember doing it once before but for the life of me I can’t remember now - if someone could jog my memory it would be appreciated

Blocks Accordion Question

@Simmo I’ve had a quick look at it and because I tend to view the code and not the props I would suggest changing the code on the default open panel from this screenshot:

To what you see in this screenshot (for closed panels):

Then select the panel you want to have open by default and do the reverse changing the code in the second screenshot to look like the first screenshot.


Hi Rob and thanks for the reply - i get the code but i did for some reason think that there was a way to do this on the UI like when you have a blocks nav or tab panel but I must be mistaken


@simmo I had a quick look before replying and I thought it was possible but couldn’t find it so I posted this as an alternative. I’ll go back and have another look and see if I see if it is possible using properties or something similar. In the mean time can you let me know if my suggestion works for you, it might be helpful to someone else at a later date. Thanks.


Hey rob - yes it was great thanks - had to eventually copy and paste form a fresh block as I must have stuffed up something else and I just did not have the time to find it - but yeah a great help thanks

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