Bootstrap 5 Columns or Bootstrap 5 Flexbox bug on mac

Hey there,

It seems that there is a bug in the Pinegrow mac version for Bootstrap 5. When I add a (Container > Row > Column), then I can not manipulate the column. It does not matter what setting I put on it, it is always col-12. I also tried to add 3 columns (col-md-4) but then they were stored on top of each other with col-12 width and if I tried to solve it with Flexbox it did not accept any changes. I tried everything in one “header” with width: 100% and height: 100vh.

Even if I specifically tell Pinegrow that my 3 columns should be col-md-4 or col-lg-4, they always shows up as col-md-12 and so on.

Hello @kalsson1

I just tested with an empty BS5 project and I don’t face this problem.

Can you please send your project to the technical support.

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Hey and thanks for your reply @Emmanuel!

I will test it one more time tomorrow but it is strange that yours work but it can be that I have missed something because I had much in my head when I was working today. :rofl: