Bootstrap Dropdown Link Not Working in Wordpress

Hey folks,

I know this is an older posting, but figured I would bump it up in case others are having issues.

Here is the situation with my setup.

New install with basic settings. But I am using the Bootstrap 4 template and have the navbar setup.

menu 2

Everything is setup fine and I am actually using a direct URL to the shop (whether I use a direct url or choose from the list, the output is the same), but the output uses a hashtag instead of the actual URL.

Any thoughts?


The first menu item is the trigger for the dropdown. (the default behaviour with BS being the click, not the hover)

For the moment, I guess If you want a direct link to your shop from the navbar, you have to set it at the top level…

Ah, I found some documentation here so it’s a common search :slight_smile:

Not sure if our navwalker will handle it.

Hey there,

Thanks for this, but nope, that solution does not work. You guys have a custom generated navwalker, so I cannot see how the hover/toggle gets injected into that .js file.

I also tried changing the data-toggle to data-hover in PG and then export, but again I still get the hashtag for a top level link.

I am not wanting to hardcode my address in the navigation if I don’t have to. I was just showing that whether I am using a hardcoded URL and just allowing WP to generate the URL the outcome of the hashtag is the same.

Any thoughts?