Changing wordpress menu link color through wordpress customizer control not working

Hi guys,
I ran into an issue:
I am trying to add a wordpress customizer control for the text color of my primary menu. I tried 100s of different types of menu , but even with the simple menu below, the color won’t change once the wordpress menu is attached.

So when the menu tag is attachted, the customizer control for the text-color is displayed, but does not work.
When i remove the menu tag, the customizer control for the text-control is displayed and works.
(Basic) example menu:
Customizer settings

Menu settings:
Color not changing if menu is assigned:

Color changing when menu is not assigned:

Anyone who knows a workaround? I tried setting the customizer control to text, theme mod to style instead of display theme mod, set !important in the theme mod and more.

Seperate question/remark:
Changing color of the a attribute only works when i put the customizer control directly on the a attribute.
If i for example put my unorder list above in between header tags, and add a customizer control to edit the header text color, the a link will not change, even if i have no menu added. (example below). As you can see all other tags do change color when the i change the customizer control.

Customizer control:

Customizer example with header tag

Sorry for the long wall of text and hope this makes sense!
If anybody knows a workaround i would be forever gratefull as i have been struggling with this for weeks now.

Best regards,