Clear Gutenberg Block From PG Memory

Hi, I have an error that is coming up with one of my Gutenberg Blocks. I want to completely start from scratch but I can’t get the block’s info to go completely away. When I delete the block info and then assign the block action again the old settings come back again. How do I remove the block completely from Pinegrow memory? -Thanks

Also, as a note, it looks like the block’s unique ID does not support capital letters but there is no form control to stop that.

Hi @jonroc,
Thanks for the heads-up about the unique ID.
At first glance, I don’t think there is an easy way to get rid of these values. This feature was supposed to help out with fat fingers on the delete icon. We can see if there is some way to make this optional, or to have a “clear all” button since there are potentially a lot of fields.

Thanks @jonroc, validation for that is added.

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Closing & opening a page again will clear the remembered values.

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