Components still appear after deleting Library


I’ve created a Component library that I use in some projects. I renamed the component-project and loaded it in all projects with the new name again (because the link was broken).

But I still see both component libraries (the old and the new) in the components folder of my projects. I struggle with some strange bugs since then.

I tried to:

-unload the library under page > Manage libraries & plugins
-unload the stylesheet under page > Manage stylesheets
-deleted the stylesheet from the
-deleted the component files from the project’s component folder (and the backup)
-I even deleted them from the Pinegrow.json
-there are no resources unter Components > Edit resources
-I update the whole project and refreshed loaded libraries
-I tried Components > Remove component information & Clear unused edits

But nothing works. The old component library still appears in the projects component folder when I save the page. I don’t understand how Pinegrow can restore the old component style.css…Does someone know how I can save delete old Component Libraries?

Hi @Riccarcharias,
The only thing that I can think is that at one or more steps of the process you are clicking on the close dialog button at the upper-right instead of saving. I’m able to remove components from the Library and any component added stylesheets. Maybe a video of what you are trying?
Sorry for the problems,


I think I found my mistake: I forgot to detach and unload the stylesheet from all my pages. It was still attached to one site and that always brought the old components back.

Tanks for your help!