Creating Carousel with Image choices in Customizer

I’m creating a BS4 carousel and want to let users choose Images in the Customizer.
Running into two issues/annoyances:

  1. I can only assign a single ‘if’ statement to each node - if I want to check for a) is it home page; and b) has the theme-mod been selected, Pinegrow puts them both in as and ‘OR’ - using ‘||’ in the PHP…but I need them as an AND (&&). I can get round this using wrapper divs, but it’s unwieldy. Can I change this behaviour in some way?

  2. I’d like to let users choose an image for the Carousel and then use the Image’s Title and Caption; I can use the Attachment Image action to display the image itself but I can’t find an Action to let me access the attachment’s Title or Caption. So: is there such an action?

Both of these would be fixed if I could attach some custom PHP to a node - I could write my own PHP using the WP functions; is this possible?

thanks very much for any responses.

Fixed both questions - I’ll leave them up in case anyone else has similar questions;

By using CTRL+H to see the code behind any node, I can simply type in the raw PHP - that allows me to have multiple conditions using AND, and I can use native WP functions (like get_attachment_title) even if there’s not PG equivalent (or if there is one but I can’t find it)!!