Custom Post Type - Category Filter

Hi can someone prevent me from pulling all my hair out. I have gone round in circles that many times I am totally confused.

  1. I have created a custom post type called htpcourses
  2. I have also created categories for the posts, (driving-skills, forestry-skills etc)
  3. I have and archive page for the custom post type that displays all the custom posts along with each course category as a link.
  4. When I click on the category link I get no posts match your criteria. (it goes to a page with the following url http://localhost:8080/wordpress/category/driving-skills/
  5. The page name for displaying the custom posts is “archive-htpcourses.php” and the wp actions for the archive page are shown on the image.

How can I get the link to display all the courses within that category?
Can someone point me in the right direction please.
Thanks in anticipation of your time.

Maybe a stupid remark, but has your CPT archive=true in it’s declaration?