First Project using Pinegrow

Please spare my “not very clean” coding using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

Steps I used:

  1. Design first at Adobe XD
  2. Divide and develop every section in HTML
  3. Styling per section in CSS
  4. Applying media queries for all devices (for responsiveness)
  5. Trying to clean the code >.<

here’s the link: KALOSPH | Landing Page

I’m very open to suggestions and sermons.

Thank you.


That’s BOLD!

I like it.

nice use of space there, weirdly. Lots of chunky block text, but not TOO crammed in -and it doesn’t scroll on forever and delivers the content quite quickly and boldy.

how about a little pop up on the satisfied customers images, that bleed the colour back into the images, on hover (nice!)
maybe popping up just after the color feed, with a little click to then say just who they are, what orderd, or a satisfied comment or such like?

I like it.

hideous clothing design - I love it! Id definitely wear that, just to annoy my friends :smiley:

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Thank you for your suggestion! It’s nice, maybe I’m putting those details into a modal to show the business’s appreciation for the clients. :star_struck: