FIXED - STRING "____WP_START_FOOTER____" in exported footer.php

Since the Upgrade to Pinegrow 7.7 the String ____WP_START_FOOTER____ is written to footer.php when exporting the Theme.

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Thanks for the feedback.

After reading your message, I have tested a few seconds ago and I don’t face this situation with 7.7.

Can you please contact the support and send us the full description of your settings (operating system and so on) as well as a ZIP file with your project so we can check the situation?

Note: Please, use a file-sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer to share files with us, rather than sending them directly to our email addresses. All you need to do is create a private share link and include it in your message to us.

If possible, please avoid setting an expiration date for your shared files, as our team might not be able to review them immediately. This ensures that we can access the files whenever necessary. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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done. Thanks in advance.

@MichelyWeb thanks for reporting the issue. The fix is out now, just released in Pinegrow 7.71.

A background story:

The Loop and Show Posts actions have the option to show a selected element in case the query doesn’t return any posts.

Up to now, the WordPress actions on such “no posts found” element were not processed. For example Include Template Part action was simply ignored.

In Pinegrow 7.7 we enabled action processing for this element, but a side effect broke the theme export (as you have discovered).

So, in Pinegrow 7.71 this feature was rolled-back and actions are again not processed. But, we do display a warning message and suggesting a workaround of using php code directly on the element (in the source HTML project).

Example of the workaround:

<div class="no-posts">
    <?php get_template_part( 'template-parts/no-results' ); ?>

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Thank you so much for the first-class support!