Unable to export, download or generate export log


I first noticed the issue when, after exporting the Theme, the changes weren’t applied.
When exporting the Theme, it only says “Exporting project…” and not “Export done” anymore.

I tried to generate the export log, but no popup appears with the generated log.

Then I tried to download the project to be able to continuing working on the desktop version of Pinegrow, but, even if I wait a very long time, it’s stuck on “Preparing the Zip file. Please wait…”.

Finally, I was thinking of deleting the plugin and install a previous version, but I’m not sure if doing so, the project get deleted too. Because if it does, I don’t have any enough recent zip file off my project to upload after reinstalling the plugin.

My current setup is Pinegrow 1.0.7, Wordpress 6.1.1 and PHP 8.0.23.

I’m kind of stuck right now and don’t know what to do to solve my issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Hi Takuya,

I am having the exact same issue, out of nowhere the export stopped working, tried purging the whole site aswell and no change, did you ended up finding a solution to this?


EDIT: I also tried with a new dummy theme and it exports normally, but on that project it doesnt anymore, even if i roll back waaay back to one of the versions i am 100% sure it was working, it just doesnt export aswell, pretty frustrating since we are stuck here…

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I couldn’t export or even generate the log when one of the images on my website had http:// link when the whole website was https://. I was using Firefox back then, it’s possible that it was the culprit. After adding the missing “s” to the link, everything worked correctly.

Thanks, in my case i had to just do a new project and copy all the code and files for it to work, and after all was done i went back to the “bad” project, and the export was working again… so i have no idea what went wrong there, hopefully it doesnt happen again.

I tried your scenario on a new project and it seems to work with or without the S on the link, maybe they have fixed that issue back then.