Grid for section of page only

Okay, after my first attempt to build a page starting with a grid structure (before putting content in the ) failed, I would like to try something else: Create a grid for a on a page with 5 div elements. I tried selecting the divs in the code but cannot find a way to then create a grid.

I’d appreciate some advice.


Did you saw / read / watch the documentation and tutorial about CSS Grid
They are a great resource and guidance!

Good luck and have fun!

Yes I did, but it did not help any further. So might just continue handcoding.

Short guidance :

Create a “container”, put 5 “divs” inside the container.
Select the “container” and define a grid layout.

The “divs” will be placed on the grid from where you can drag them and re-arange them with the visual controls, to the section(s) you want.

Ahh … my mistake: I only selected the divs inside the container. Thanks Marf … Ok, I’ll continue playing now (although handcoding took me about 3 minutes or so - but if it comes to bigger projects I’d appreciate a “grid-maker”.

Thanks a lot.

The documentation and tutorial is very clear to define it on the “container”… :zipper_mouth_face: :innocent: :eyes:

Yes, well I’d be happy if there was a major text-documentation. I see a ton of videos and a few text sections, which are very good, but for looking up stuff in text … okay, that may be just me.

Anyway, thanks again for your help. I retried with Pinegrow and got the grid done.


Section “Creating the grid” the first sentence is…

The CSS grid layout is defined on the container element.

Directly followed by :

Let’s say we have a div with a heading, image, tagline and a block of text.

To arrange those elements into a grid, we create the grid on the parent div element by selecting it and clicking on the Edit grid icon or pressing CMD+G_KEY (CTRL_KEY on Windows and Linux) shortcut.

(Not hard to find. But no problem, we all can make mistakes) :sunglasses:

don’t you generally want to do this on the BODY so you can use grid to control all parts of the page, instead of using DIV?