How is it best to loop 2 types of divs in wordpress?

I was wondering how to loop through 2 different divs/columns/rows
Lets say I have the following rows:

Is there an easy way to accomplish this? This is just an example. I’m looking to how to loop through more than 1 type of rows and columns

Hi @grimur,
I don’t work with WordPress in Pinegrow enough to give a really great and simple answer. Partially it depends on your content. If you are just listing all or a selection of posts with a single query it is easier than if you need multiple queries.
In the case of a single query I would likely accomplish this with some conditionals in PHP. Basically, you would have your divs wrapped in a conditional outer row added with a block of php code. Then the type of column would be added with a further conditional. Not sure how good it will display in Pinegrow.
Alternatively, you could use straight CSS and an nth-of-type to add the style that would come from the Bootstrap class.
Finally, you could do the same sort of thing with jQuery/JavaScript to add the class where you want it.
I’ll think a little more to see if I can come up with a more “Pinegrowy” way of doing it.

Ok great thanks for the reply. I have managed to loop through lets say latest 3 posts from a certain category. Then I loop only 1 with one column and then loop from second latest with next column but looping through all posts with this diffrent layouts I haven’t found out how from within pinegrow. Propably possible with php mix but was hoping to achieve this within pinegrow a simpler way.