How to make animation in Pinegrow?


How to make animation in Pinegrow ?

Is there an easy way to make animations ?

<< In Pinegrow >>
I did the following way, but it didn’t work.
What did I make in an wrong way ?
I did like this;

  1. In Tree Panel, I select h1 element.
  2. I opened Interations Panel.
  3. I select Interaction 1 in Interactions.
  4. Target : I select current element.
  5. Animation : I select Bounce in Attention Seekers.
    I did, but it doesn’t work.

<< animate.css >>

  1. I attact CDN
  2. I attacted this;

    An animated element

    I did, and the It works well.

Hi @alexseo,
What did you add for a trigger? It is a required field because Interactions needs to know when you want the interaction played.

I see.
Thank you very much.