How to whitelabel Pinegrow functions.php file?


I am new to Pinegrow. I want to whitelabel the comments inside the functions.php file of Pinegrow. Is that possible? I tried changing the stuff inside functions.php and then there was an error message. I could have ignored the message but I am not sure if that affects the functionality of the WP theme builder. Please let me know. Thanks for making such an amazing product.

Could not write code to functions.php.

Perhaps the functions.php is missing (run WordPress -> Export the theme) or the following sections are missing from **functions.php** in your theme folder:

/* Pinegrow generated Include Resources Begin */ /* Pinegrow generated Include Resources End */
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Via automated scripts of your own creation, you can implement trimming of certain files before their commercial release.

However, exports from Pinegrow will always include these mentions.

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