Image sequence in scroll scene

Hi, I have a question about the scroll scene, I’d like to change the image background in a pinned DIV during scrolling, is possible?


Ok, I’m a stupid (path issue) now “background-image:” work fine, but there is a terrible blank-blink frame between every frame. Can anybody help me?

This issue happens in both case (set or tween)


Hi @c_sassano welcome to the forum.

If I’m not mistaking what you are saying, you have a section (pinned DIV) with a CSS background-image, when scrolled you wish to swap that reference to other background images? You mention a ‘blink’ do you mean there is a blink/gap/flicker/delay when the new image(s) are loading as its being swapped out for a new ones?

If so then its probably due to the images not being preloaded and already available when called. I don’t think Pinegrow Interactions has a direct gui setting for preloading in such cases, I would guess not. So you would need to handle that yourself through various methods and approaches. You can search to find discussions about various approaches to handle that across the web and should be able to find something relative to your setup and criteria that would help you.

But its hard to fully grasp your setup and situation so perhaps I’ve entirely mistaken what you have described and maybe what I’ve mentioned in not your issue. :wink: