Increase/Decrease font size

Awesome Mate! Page load speed is actually quicker here now, Or so it would appear. virtually instantaneous, whereas before I had a lag, and strange anomalies -sometimes an empty initial screen until I clicked it again. Now,
its there :slight_smile:
super duper.

…But you no longer have the +/- text Mod thing Visible!
which was kind of the point of this malarky in the first place :slight_smile:
I assume you will stick that back in later.
(viewing on Safari 12)

Instead, the Image is larger and coves the area where Text Size Modification Action was previously.

And I was thinking of playing with this now when I got back (had an invite to a mates for Sunday Lunch. Yeah! ) and…after returning the original crammed 30GB disk back into the old PowerBookG4.

BUT… I didnt even get to save your original iframe site! but its still open in Pinegrow, so will save it now, (minus all the stuff it will warn me about , not having, like images and scripts and so forth) as… they should all still be available in the new version.

I might then even try and play around with @Printninja’s version too :slight_smile:

…or just play Call of Duty…

MUST NOT PLAY COD…must learn web stuff… after hardware rebuilds… and hard drive back ups and and. NO NO>.must do web stuff… damn
I’m just so professional.

oh and, as an aside, sometimes, the cough approach of some to the guys on the forum (sometimes me, oops) can seem a little… brusque but, hey! look at the positive results it has brought about :slight_smile:

Well done @randyrie, I hope the grown ups approve and let you out early from class :smiley:

Also…everythign here…I am using… is inherited. and ranges from the GIFT of my MacBook Pro (in lieu of payment I wouldn’t accept for helping run my mates massive wedding bash) to the two monitors (one I fixed after the owner just need a quick replacement to watch the next episode of the soap opera, as I need to see if Sharon is REALLY pregnant… “WHAT? I can fix It for you, its probably just a smoothing capacitor” NO! I have no time for that, help me buy a new one you can have the old one, do what you like with it

…Ironically, she has since died… I don’t know what happened to her now one, but the old one is still working and now in this set up! The other monitor, I just had off a mate from his shed, the DVD player and surround sound, likewise, same mate, a year ago, after he went wireless with his speaker set up…the desks from my landlord, sofa from a friends unit…printers and hardware from a charity, hard drives from my publisher mate, as they were throwing them out for being too slow and small
WHAT!? A RAID array… of 500GB or 1TB Straight?

Just gonna install all the sexy button control stuff I didnt know about last night on that! and other stuff, maybe firmware update but that looks scary,

I DID buy one external HDD (2TB) and a couple of external portables. Well, actually 1 out of the 6 bought! the others were payment for jobs, inherited, scavenged etc.

And tonight I return to favour to the university, and sort out an old laptop upstairs, from an ex forces mate, who topped himself before I got it back to him, to another ex forces mate, who will hopefully still be around to get it this week :smiley:

ah black humour… its the only way to travel

The Internet…the access to it… the displays, computers, networks, just about everything is scavenged and recycled. All the good stuff I ever bought for the garage and all my tools were stolen in a series of burglaries…I can never afford to replace all that so whats the point in even starting again?
time for a change.

oh. deja vue…

talking of which…
People I Give you five years of Pinegrow on FIVE inherited/recycled screens! Yeah!


And yep, Macs just work… thank god! after years of using/building/repairing windows boxes…
well, they used too. I think their zenith was at the titanium MacBook Pro and the 17 inch Unibody Mac (oh look! once of each above :D) … as for their Main machines, I am not sure.

…>>But I am awaiting the pick up of a collection of G5 PowerPC MacPros shortly :smiley: woo hoo, watch this space. They look soooo shiny inside :slight_smile:

And while I’m at it, this MacBook Pro is now TEN years old. (just remembered, I had to pay £300 towards it) and is discontinued by Apple… b*st(ads.

They say it is no longer supported and can no longer run the latest…blah blah…security…blah DDR3 blah blah…

funny that , because if you go to

and then to HIS software,

LO! ye shall look, and thereunto will you find, installers, of perfect form for this ancient and discontinued Hardware… Funny that… Apple couldn’t manage to support them and create installers the lates OS’…

This guy could! after hacking theirs and removing this stupid hardware limited installation setup.

I run 3 partitions on this MBP beast,
1.Snow Leopard… Because… JUST jSUT…because! Best OS created by them and mine is rammed with software.

  1. El Capitan - because it has a stupid name… oh sorry I mean because it is the last OFFICIALLY supported OS on this beast. SO if things ever go totally south, then this would be a fall back.

  2. High Sierra. Because it doesn’t seem half bad tbh! and because of Meltdown and such HARDWARE/OS exploitation risks, I need an OS that is both good and current to do web stuff with.
    Sorry, SL, not more running around like a demented wilderbeast for you online…sniff…sob.

I also have all of these installed on external HDDs first, to check out their viability, run the MBP off them for a while before taking a plunge and re partitioning.

…it might be time for another Partition , Mojave…maybe… we shall see…External HDD first.
maybe this duff one as its not much use for anything else now, so might just play with it see how it runs on this , externally before the disk dies totally

NB I never bothered with any of the OS’ between SnowL and El Cap, because, well, from what I read about them, they sucked. Did Sierra, upgraded that to High Sierra on MBP after running it externally for a while, still have an external HDD Sierra.
…long post, inspired by the yeah, Mac just gets things done sort of them :slight_smile:

So, if anyone wants things testing on a multitude of Mac OS’ let me know :slight_smile:
(I also run Tiger! 10.4 on PowerPC :stuck_out_tongue: )

Might fire up a Linux or two shortly too.

Sorry :slight_smile:

UPDATE oh yeah, Linux 16.04 just fired up THAT laptop.
Its got PineGrow 2.81 on it! oooh

Uber Update…I’m now available for PineGrow 5.2 Testing on Linux 16.04 as well. Yeah!

and oh yeah…update on the update. so Linux plus ANOTHER old screen, to test PG multi screen means SEVEN SCREENS NOW!

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Unless I missed a page, it’s located in the top menu, like on all the other pages.


its moved!
it was below the images before.
I guess that’s why the images appear larger now then.

I was thinking of changing the background color to unify the toolset, but changing the color to all gold may also work. I’ll play with this a bit and see what trips my trigger. Stay tuned…

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well, yes if you dropped into a little box with the words and symbols together, it would present a unified control then as I would probably be clicking the word text size …bearing in a mind I have UI issues… I DIDNT EVEN SEE the controls up there!

So if they are to be prominent, MAKE THEM prominent :slight_smile:

or a funky slider from the corner that appears when you mouse over … with a big TEXT or something on it…

overall but fun :slight_smile:

Decided on a gold color for the toolset… stands out but is not overwhelming. Appreciate the tip, btw.

oh yes! perfect! those arrow icons work fab.
which ones are they?

And one more thing…which is kind of freaky… if you didnt know but

see your image here?

well! Welcome to Wales mate!
since you are Using an image of RHOSSILI BAY :slight_smile:
on the Gower Coast, South Wales, Past Swansea, near where I live. :slight_smile:

check it out here
and click the gallery tab below the big image.

TaDA!! I Present to you one of the longest beaches in the UK (miles of it!)
on the Gower Peninsula, which is the very first AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) park set up in the UK.

I recognised it instantly but thought No Way! but just had time to find an image for you to compare …in case you’re blind :slight_smile:

I drive there every so often, friends go fishing there, so just HOW did it end up on your site… HOW?

…I thought everything was bigger and better in the 'States dont you have your own beautiful beaches? :wink: hee hee hee…

Can’t ever accuse me of having poor tastes (in beaches) :sunglasses:

check out all the beaches around there. there are fantastic.
3 Cliffs Bay.

When I walk up to the top of the hill above me, I can see out to the Mumbles lighthouse and island, about 10 miles away or so. If I wander (for quite a few hours) over the next two, I can look out

Rhosilli bay, 20 odd miles away .
To the left of that is the long spit of land that sticks out (to the left of your two Oldies in the pic at a right angle.

That is known as Worms Head …you get your timing wrong going out there and…your in for a long night as it turns into a chain of divided islands with an insane ripping tide between everything.

We dont need sharks in the water to kill you over here! ;p
The Temperature and tide does quite nicely.

Damn! Pinegrow just crashed!
I didnt get very far with that at all.
was just following the tutorial on css grid. a few minutes into lesson 1.

A few observations/suggestions…

  1. Change to a different font. This font (Actor) is simply not rendering well at certain sizes (see attached image). I don’t know why, but my guess is it’s not a well designed webfont. Also, since this is a single weight, single style font, you’re ending up with browser-created faux-italic and faux-bold styles. It’s better to use a font that actually has different weights and a dedicated italic version.

  2. Same issue with the Acme font. It has no dedicated italic style, so you’re getting the browser’s faux-italic version.

  3. Move the text sizing tool out of the navigation bar. For one, on a larger screen, you can’t see which text is being affected when you click it, because the text in the lower part of the panel isn’t visible until you scroll down. This can make it confusing. Also, as you can see in the attached image, it’s crowding your navigation, making it jump to two lines. Lastly, a person who opens this on a mobile device or smaller screen tablet won’t know the text size can be changed because the tools are hidden in the hamburger menu.

  4. Wherever you end up putting the text-sizing controls, give them hover/active states, so people can actually tell they are clickable buttons. Consider using Font Awesome icons instead of jpg images, since it’s very easy to style them with colors, etc. And fix the mouse pointer style when hovering over the “reset” button. (Maybe move it to the footer, since the footer is sticky.)

  5. Ditch the drop-shadow on the large image in the panel. The rest of the site has a flat design, and it just looks out of place.

  6. Ditch the little pointing finger icon in the vertical menu. I presume this is an Mac specific icon. It’s a bit hard to tell what it is because it’s so small. Use a Font Awesome icon instead (like a triangle)

Just my opinions. :wink:

If we really talk about usability/capability you might consider text-contrast (Part “c” of this 508). I’m still under the impression, that close to 100% black towards white (up to 5% grey max.) offers the most. All those tan/brownie tones are very confusing.

OFF TOPIC not necessarily related to this post:

I’ve never designed towards screen-reader. Mia culpa - cause we should at least consider it. What I sometimes do is switching off “styles”. Reason being that I have a much clearer view on e.g. sorting order of content. Mostly in the sense of semantic. Or: Does it provide a nice reading experience? All too often, I recognise in sites that all and everything is featured first: Search Forms, Contact Forms, legal notes, descriptions and whatever. Content - in the sense of: “What is this page telling me” comes at the very end.



Notes on da Ninja’s scribblings…

I never realised this! Oh my! what a dufus. So I guess maybe THAT is why there are various font options when downloading and installing a font… and I guess THAT is where it also applies to WEB fonts.
if you don’t upload them… the browser knocks them up the best it can with glue, sticky tape and bat droppings! Point taken. thanks.

I was wondering this too. hence my suggestion of a

For the same reasons. But didn’t put the time into a more specific suggestion, like yourself, so I agree with this too.

That’s why I asked, about what icons the arrows were for the very same reason -but was wrestling with Linux, so didnt have time to go in and see that they were little jpegs! Same logic as PN, with the mouse over as suggested previously.

We, I like it :slight_smile: … but from a design point of view he might well be right so since everything else is flat design…
DITCH THE FLAT DESIGN! instead :smiley:

Shadows…>>EVERYWHERE :D.

I hadn’t even noticed 6…

Never heard of “font-awsome” @Printninja – where do I get this font family and how do I install it as a font option in PineGrow? I’d like to test it out. Currently, I only have Google fonts installed. Also… I like your idea of relocating the resize tools to the footer - never thought of that, to be honest. I’ll play with this and see if I can come up with something better.

I just re-posted the Gettin’On site with the resize tool in the footer and I agree with @Printninja and @schpengle- it’s a much better place to park the tool. I do, however, question the advantage of the font-awsome family over that of Google’s. When I resize on ALL of my devices, I don’t see ANY aberrations in the Acme or the Actor fonts. How do I know this won’t happen as well with the font-awsome family - if not on any of my devices, then perhaps on others? I have to admit, I really miss my ‘font guy’ since he left the staff - he KNEW fonts!

Font Awesome is built into Pinegrow.

In a prior post, I posted an image showing you what the Actor font looks like on my screen when I enlarge it. I can’t say if this is a Windows-specific issue, or something weird with my machine, but it happens in Chrome, Firefox and IE on my machine. I **don’**t see the problem on my Android phone.

But you still have the issue of the fonts lacking dedicated italic and bold versions, which forced the browser to create “faux” bold and italics. You might want to read this over…

One other thing… your text size controls in the footer are fine on desktop, but they’re much too small to use on a mobile device. Just something to consider.

Here’s an interesting little quirk. Maybe someone can verify this… I downloaded @randyrie’s page and tried to open it in Pinegrow and it instantly shut the program down.

I eventually isolated it to this line of code…

<iframe src="Getin'On%20Generations_files/formpage.htm" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="600px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Just opening a blank HTML document and pasting this code into the code edit window causes instant shutdown of my Pinegrow program. Windows 7 x64.


Zapow! Pinegrow…>GONE!
yep, Mac, 5.2 instant death!

Well done! @randyrie again.
One of your other sites, managed to kill Pinegrow 1.27 I was going to post a comparison of how far PG has come, the other day.
But I couldn’t do a comparison, as , as soon as I opened that site, BOOM. gone. :slight_smile:

oh but this is even faster!
Pinegrow Hari Kari

Undoubtedly is has something to do with PG choking on the characters making up this particular iframe source. I didn’t delve any deeper, but I’m guessing it’s the ’ character.

funny I thought that. mainly just because there is only one of them
Currently exploring the lunascape web browser for windows xp …for a friend and its in ability to install the gecko engine…

or I’d be doing a bit more