Index-normalize vs index.html

What is the difference between these two choices? I do not want added margins or padding to elements. I don’t see a difference between these choices. I still get the margins with either choice.

I remember Pinegrow not adding the margins when I inserted elements. I can’t find anything in the documentation nor Google search addressing this.

Ok. I have done some research on Normalize CSS. Remedy CSS looks interesting.

My interpretation of the two index files is the normalize one should include the added CSS but the normal index.html file should not have any added CSS, therefore having no margins or padding. But this does not happen. I have a fresh project and opened a regular index.html and I am still getting the adding margins.

@jtkay normalize.css sets the margin to zero on the body and adjusts other values. The easiest way to see what it is changing is to have a quick look at the css in the file.

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