Inner Blocks - How to populate blocks with correct content

I’ve looked around and not found a solution for this, if one exists.

By default, configuring the first of many blocks within an inner block area for WordPress/Gutenberg produces the correct quantity of blocks in Gutenberg and the frontend, but they all have the content of the first block. Basically what we see in all the Pinegrow tutorials.

This is a big problem for me. If a particular part of the website has a content brief, a developer is expected to follow it. I cannot tell a client to insert a Gutenberg block for the first time and to then start filling in huge amounts of content because my block is not correct. In some cases, like with FAQs and documentation, this can be a crazy amount of info.

What I need is for everything to work as it does already, but instead of mindlessly duplicating the same block for however many matching sibling blocks Pinegrow detects, to have the content carried across too. Such behaviour makes so much more sense anyway. It doesn’t look good when even simple Gutenberg block don’t have their bullet points or feature blocks correctly populated with content.

Is there currently a solution for this in Pinegrow?

Other than this uncertainty, I am so far extremely impressed by what I’m seeing. Seriously top quality product.