Interactions 2.0 Fantastic work done!

Hi Pinegrow developers,

Thank you very much!!!
You have done a amazing job with the new version of interactions! I tried it this morning on iMac Big Sur without any problems and the slider functions are really nice!




Hey PG Team, really really impressive work you did with interactoins 2.0! You guys are moving toward deserving to be the number 1 website editor.


Thanks @AllMediaLab, @red-rosefields, happy to hear this :slight_smile:

Hi there I completely agree: fantastic work. I was just wondering if now than, when using Barba Js for page transition, i could use the name of the animation made with pgia, to call a transition. normally i d need to define the animation in javascript and than just call it in the init. hope it make sense my question…

Thanks @tytusie! You can use, 'MyAnimation'); 

to play the animation on the element. The animation needs to be defined on the element. Or you can pass in the animation data.

See API docs for details: