Map marker not showing

I inserted a Google map (actually two of them), as per your video instructions.
You can see the result -

My problem is that I am to able to make the MAP MARKER to show.

I checked in js/bskit-scripts.js: on line 100 it reads:

var marker_image = $e.attr('data-marker-image') || '/images/map-pin.png';

I made sure that map-pin.png is in fact in /images/ folder.

But the marker still does not show.

Please let me know how I can fix this.


Hi. Can you provide the direct URL to the map-pin.png file. When I check it gives a 404 error so the file isn’t at that location, which is why I would think it isn’t displaying.

Thank you for responding! You were right! The image map-pin.png did not transfer to the live server.

This should teach me to check twice!

Thanks again!

No worries, happy to be of help, glad you got it sorted. Great looking site.

I might be speaking out of turn here but I’d add padding-bottom:20px; to .bg-deepocean class to give a bit of room at the bottom of the page.

Yes! Nice catch! I appreciate your feedback!