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One click to open/second click to close accordian


Great! well done @randyrie and cheers for the help @Printninja
I too noticed the duplication and some other stuff, but got caught up in my dead web server, which turned out to be them having blocked my IP ranging I was visiting from… and then. a blank PineGrow Forum! gah!

Something else happened when sorting out VPNs and I couldn’t access this forum until now!

and ooh! BEta PineGrow! Shiny :slight_smile:


Is this a known bug and should it be reported it in the “bug” forum?


YES!! I’ve jsut figured out how to seperate the Framework styles from the pure CSS Styles in the tabbed views on the right of your screen!!

WOO HOO that has taken me…er how long?
I had to keep clicking between frameworks and style class tabs to find things.
oh now now THAT shoudl make a difference. excellent.
And why do you keep the two styling panels separeted @Printninja (and hi @randyrie sorry to hijack your thread for a moment :slight_smile: )


It’s not really intentional. I just rarely use the Visual Editor panel, so it’s kind of in the most out-of-the-way spot.


ah ok Thanks. I now really like the idea of keeping them both side by side (squeezed on my page) so i can much easier see the source of some fandangled styling mysteries.

Just realises, you DID used to have it the magic way I wanted, and I didnt notice last time!


Ok! Accordions!

How’s it going @randyrie

Ive had a bit of network mare for a few days, back now…already…



Sorry to hijack this thread as well, but heartily missing your expertise at

It would be cool and extremely helpful, seeing how you arrange your stuff now.




Oh - and before I forget:

PG has an outermost magic function which is called “Focus on”.
There you can select - say a parent-element - and work isolated on the details.

It’s weird and a bit disappointing that people have to be pointed on “Read the Manual, Read the news, Read the release notes …” There are so many functions more which could help (such as the “insert before”, “insert after” to be found in the menu-bar appearing if an element is selected).



And thanks for permanently ignoring my comment above.


I’m in the middle of a couple of hairy, time-sensitive projects at the moment, so I don’t have time to get involved in the beta test. Perhaps by this weekend, things will have calmed down a bit and I’ll have some time to play with it.


You mentioned earlier the quirky way the pages on the UNtying site shrunk the banner images - which my client liked - but his wife just got a smart phone and did NOT like the way the banner resized on her phone. So I’ve ‘fixed’ the site so the banners resize like they should:


awww… But I really liked the squat skinny guy with the fat ass arms :slight_smile:
It made me chortle :smiley:

also, I just checked out your feedback form bit and after you post it, the message clips the front of the message off and …someone takes the P out of your site… see?


so maybe format that a bit further to the right.
…somehow, not sure what you have used.

Also, what did you do to change the picture resizing @randyrie?

btw I like the site layout , tis kind of custom


I got your test feedback - thanks for checking it out and bringing the missing ‘P’ to my attention. I fixed that.

To honor my client’s first request to keep the banner photos height fixed, I used 100% width and a fixed-pixel height. To have it resize as the windows shrinks, I simply removed the fixed-pixel height. Wish every cure was that simple… :roll_eyes:


Nice. did you remove it via media queries?
if so, which screen sizes did you use etc?


And well done, I hope their feedback was positive and you will get all signed off and paid etc,
woo hoo.

and just one thing… every time I see this I giggle…since I am actually rather infantile in my humour.
you know, Poo jokes etc …

SO each Time I read this…

I am tempted to reply by posting THIS


Yep… it sure works wonders for me :smiley:

I mean…its even the same colour! …
ER GREEN! you know the writing…not the…umm…oh never mind


No… not using media queries – just bootstrap’s point breaks which I believe are mute by using a “%” for width, not? I used 1248x415 screen rez for the banners – which seems to test well on most devices.

re: the giggles
This would be the polar OPPOSITE of what the site is all about - - provoking relaxation. NOTHING relaxing about bowel provocation. :face_with_thermometer:


The breaks in Bootstrap actually are media queries. Not sure what you mean by “mute.” If you put a fixed width on an image placed in a Bootstrap column, it will override the responsive sizing of the column, but that’s not advised. It’s better to use the background-image: rule, and set the width to 100%

For images that will take the full width of the screen, 1920px wide is the best because it’s the most common screen res on wide-screen monitors these days.


Thanks for the clarification about media queries… and the tip for best rez for monitors.