Pagination DIV only showing 3 dots instead of 4

I dragged the blueprint slider into my page and the pagination has only 3 dots instead of 4. When I duplicate one .pgia-slide, there are 4 instead of 5. Where is it defined? What is wrong?

Update: The slider is in a 2 column layout. When I go smaller, correctly 4 dots appear (???) while the column gets smaller. In 1 column view everything works also fine.
What influence has the wisth of the column to the number of dots?

Hi @aquorange,
It is a little hard to troubleshoot from the lack of details, but you can try turning Javascript off and then back on from the icon in the top bar - the letters JS inside a box. The pagination dots are added dynamically. You can also try hitting the refresh icon next to the JS icon. Let me know.

Hi @RobM
Oh yes, I did that. Thanks. I also cleared the cache. More than 25 times :wink:

Hi @aquorange,
If you want to give a link to your project or send a ticket to support (, maybe we can help out a little more. With the latest Pinegrow I’m getting the correct number of pagination dots.
Sorry for the problems,