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Pagination in Tab Panel?


I am working on my site, I have created a loop inside tabpanels so that on the front page users can select, Like Latest, videos, and more. the loops work fine. However I would either like to add pagination or ajax with a load more button. Is there an easy way? I started this with the Starter Theme 2.

To see what i got so far,


Current Workaround I found was to use Ajax Load More, and add a do_shortcode underneath each with the correct loop settings.


Visited your site, Kenneth (rane_mstage)… really nice layout and organization of content, especially liked the brilliant, crisp images. I also like the way you did the tabpanels. You mentioned “created a loop inside tabpanels.” Could you please explain how you did this is and what coding you used. Is this a feature of Starter Theme 2? (I’m assuming you didn’t use iFrames)?

I’ve been using iFrames with Javascript & CSS to have selected tabs open related panels – an alternative method would be nice to learn.


Thank you, so the way I did the loop, was I created a div inside the panel, the div contains the loop. Then I used the article tag to make the loop content (though I did use some custom functions for the Date). My biggest complaint right now with Bootstrap 4, is I can’t create a break in content and put another tab panel linked together. It was possible in Bootstrap 3, but bootstrap 4 lost that feature.


Also, I want to clarify the base theme is the Starter Theme 2, though I am still customizing it to my liking. I am looking into adding a Gutenberg stylesheet so that the styles match up, as well as archive pages that match my front-page.