Pinegrow Web Editor 5.92 is out, with new Open URL, dynamic elements & more

The latest Pinegrow Web Editor is available for download on

We are running out of 5.x version numbers, so we had to give it just a 0.01 increase to 5.92. But, it comes with some major new and improved features, including:

  • Better support for working with remote documents (Open URL)
  • Ability to select and style dynamic HTML elements (elements that are created with Javascript code after the page loads)
  • Materialize 1.0.0
  • Improved Google Fonts
  • WordPress Theme Builder enhancements (conditional script and style enqueueing…)
  • and more

We prepared detailed Release Notes with links to further documentation for all major new features.

Note: And here is How to update Pinegrow to the latest version

Have fun!


Thanks @matjaz nice improvements/additions. So do you plan to have many 0.01+ updates before the jump to 6? :wink:

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@Rob max seven more, unless we go down the 5.99x route :slight_smile:


wondeful! If only I still had a Mac to run it on!
Ive never even got to use the Animator extension. curses.
Anyway. well done.The second on the list should be good to see, as that always drove me nuts “Cannot edit elements created at runtime”
When half the time, I couldnt even figure out what had created it, as most of my sites were static!

Hi @matjaz, I notice Materialize plugin version has always been v1.0.0 going back few years in this forum (Materialize 1.0.0). Was this updated to support the latest materializecss version? If so, why wasn’t the major version not incremented to something like v2.0?

Also, do you see pinegrow actively supporting materialize future versions. Looking at your docs seems like your focus is bootstrap & foundation css frameworks, I couldn’t see any materialize related docs?

I’m new here, just wanted to understand your strategy to decide which css framework I should pick that’s actively supported in the long-run…

Thanks - Akayy