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Prevent Files from being overwritten


Hi guys,

am working a bit further on my Reginald-Framework Plugin. The previous version pointed to remote URLs for loading the required resources (CSS and JS).

Now I thought, it might be better to create local resources. I grabbed the following script (thanks to @benhanna :slight_smile:)

        //Add resources as component (locally)
    var toLocalPath = function(p) {
    return p.replace(/\//g, path.sep);
    var res_files = ['themagicstyles-min.css', 'overwriterules.css', 'themagicscript-min.js'];
    for(var i = 0; i < res_files.length; i++) {
    var file = f.getResourceFile('resources/' + res_files[i]);
    var r = new PgComponentTypeResource(file);
    r.relative_url = res_files[i];
    r.source = toLocalPath(file);
    r.footer = res_files[i].indexOf('.js') >= 0;

It does what it is opposed to.

But when I create a new page and load the plugin, the files will be overwritten - as expected as well (I suppose it’s the p.replace.

Is there a way to prevent me from “replace”?

Or is my idea stupid anyway?

Thanks for your help in advance.




Hi Thomas,

p.replace() is using a regular expression to replace the file path separator pc-web. I have thought about creating a plugin but haven’t created one yet. I think if I were doing it I would edit those files in an external editor and then reload the plugin to see the effects. Or work on it as a seperate project and then dump the files into the plugin.
It would be interesting to see what Ben’s approach is.


OK - got it!
Cannot explain what I did though.
In fact I had a look into Ben’s great work (the pervious code I had is admittedly not from him - apologize) trying to figure out what’s going on. And with a bit of trying, it started to work. So always remember (Note to myself):
“99% of the mistakes are sitting in front of the screen”.




I use an external editor, a lot of trial and error and looking at the frameworks bundled with PG for tips as not much info in the docs. Constant loading and unloading of Plugin to test. I find you need to completly unload the plugin JS file in PG and the reload and activate it each time when testing, to see updates (not just deactivate and reactivate).

Developing plugins, Pinegrow reference


I know you got sorted but maybe this was what you were looking for (from the FA plugin)

 //Auto detect if font-awesome css is included
    f.detect = function(pgPage) {
        return pgPage.hasStylesheet(/font\-awesome/i);