Responsive images in Presentation Slider


Have been trying Interactions 2 out and all looks very nice. I noticed that when a Presentation Slider is created you use links from Unsplash and object-fit: cover; I’m trying to implement Farkas Lazy Sizes in the slider and it works (it shows my images), but the problem is that I need: width:100% height:auto for the images and the slider should adapt to that. Is this possible to change in the CSS from within Pinegrow? Or do I need to rewrite the original CSS for this. I’m talking about the most common way images are added to any slider I use also without Lazy Sizes.

In short I’m looking for the “auto height” function of the slider.

Regards & Thanks,

This is a example of the royal slider that I created to show you what I try to explain:
(On Chrome you have to use the responsive mode in the dev tools to see the effect! In Firefox it works out of the box!)