Reusable template actions only saves the parent element and not the child elements

I want to save a div and it’s child elements (a series of sub-div’s and paragraphs) as a reusable template part but for some reason only the parent div gets exported.

For instance, say that the below is my code (I had to change the tags to square ones as this forum apparently converts html into actual divs and paragraphs):

[div class=“wrapper”]
[div class=“someClass”]
[p]Lorem Ipsum[/p]

And I apply the reusable template action to the top element (the div with class “wrapper”), only that element gets saved like this:

[div class=“wrapper”][/div]

Instead of also including the child elements it only contains the top element.

Is there a way to include the child elements as well?

Ps: the child elements also contain several wordpress actions, including a post loop and ACF fields. I don’t know whether that can have an impact on the reusable template part action but I thought I’d mention it anyway (the top element itself with class “wrapper” does not have any wordpress actions defined apart from the reusable template part itself).