Scroll issue with Firefox on macOS

Here’s something I’ve discovered and am totally perplexed why this happens.
On a new website I just created, when I add:

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.56.16 PM
to the site’s stylesheet, I cannot scroll the on background image in Firefox (the other browsers all work fine).

However, when I remove the “overflow-x: hidden and overflow:scroll” from the html, body rule, I can scroll on the background images in Firefox.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.56.50 PM

Visit my site to see what I mean - currently the CSS stle has the overflow attributes removed).

But without the “overflow-x: hidden” pseudo added to the rule, the webpages will jump horizontally with mouse movements.

Any ideas how to get the best of both worlds?

Hi Randy,
It seems that this problem occurs in FF as long as you have the overflow-x property on both the HTML- and the body-element in your style sheet.
I am assuming your “overflow: scrolling”. is a typo and you meant “overflow-y: scroll;”? Otherwise your “overflow-x” setting would be overwritten. But I think you don’t even need the overflow-y.

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Welcome to this forum and thanks for your response, @Erres.

The “overflow: scroll” was indeed a typo and has been removed from my site’s style sheet. I’ve re-added the “overflow-x: hidden” to resolve the horizontal jittering. Do you know if some form of a “-webkit” equivalent that would make my page behave properly in Mozilla’s FireFox? None of the other browsers have this issue so its definitely a Mozilla issue. Do you know if they intend to fix this?

I’ve been trying to report this issue to Mozilla for nearly three years now and have never gotten a response. Sooo I’ve made Chrome my default browser since it seemingly works well with most of the new CSS rules. Anyone have any issues using Chrome rather than FIreFox - especially for testing out PineGrow-created websites?

You do not need anything like a ‘-webkit’-thing.
I tried this on your website and it works:

  1. remove the inner style ‘overflow-x:hidden;’ from the body element in your HTML file.
  2. leave this in style.css:
    html, body { height: 100%;}
  3. add to style.css:
    body { overflow-x: hidden;}
    Hope this helps.
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A 1000 thank-you’s @Erres
This did the trick perfectly!!