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@Rob is someone I’ve enjoyed debating with! - This is actually my last post on the forum as I think at times my humour has come across in a different way to as I intended, especially as I only signed up to try and offer any knowledge I have to benefit others.

I’ve closed my YouTube channel as the whole reason was to try and show how powerful pinegrow was, but I’m not sure my style of designing is what their team had in mind and maybe my videos weren’t the best way to show the power of PInegrow, especially as I tend to design in “mad designer mode”.

My workflow for projects is different and now that I’m working with people on projects - thats my focus (moving away from mad designer mode) and hopefully someone learnt something from my videos :sunglasses:


I only asked, as I was thinking perhaps no framework at all may be best actually if all you needed was grids, breakpoints, media queries. I was just wondering what you had need of, given those two comments I quoted of yours above. There are actually many other smaller and lesser known grid frameworks that exist as well. In the end if those three things were all you needed, I thought maybe something else or making your own could be of value. From what I saw in your Bootstrap thread you really enjoy CSS, so styling everything up beyond those three aspects seems in line with your process anyway.

I also wondered why you felt Foundation was geared more towards designers.

I was just curious. I’m looking forward to observe this thread and see if it gets to the magnitude of the Bootstrap thread. I will submit my work when you have the cabana chair remote beach opening.


Edit: (from previous post): I guess this thread wont get there after all. :nerd:


Er, steady on, old bean, Ive not even seen less than a handful of your vids yet! so I wouldnt shut up shop just yet. and dont worry, you do the vids for your yourself and whoevers interested and has a bit of time to nibble through them and to hone your own focus on what your trying to do. teaching is the best way to learn, as you have to understand it , or realised the bits you dont understand so you can then understand them and therefore, explain them better.
just leave em up.
And, if you ever saw most of my comments, then, … well, My humour is fairly surrea…OOOH! look! a Squirrel!


schpengle + Pinegrow_User

I’ve had some family issues and I didn’t realise but I was logging on here and sort of using this forum and web design + you tube videos etc to escape from my personal problems - which is why I’ve been acting abit daft and sometimes rude (without meaning to be) when telling people they need to “understand” etc - that’s why I’ve sent a message to the moderator asking to remove this and my other thread, but I’ve enjoyed the debates and I hope Pinegrow continues to be a success and if I make it to Thailand and the beach I’ll see Pinegrow User in web design paradise!



Good! keep it up! your manic displacement activities with Pinegrow have probably kept you sane then and out of trouble and were very productive to watch! dont worry, thats what the Internet and web sites are all about! its not real, its all escapism and fantasy! the same as the movies…books. just stare at something else in an harmless manner and pretend your getting somewhere/making a difference somewhere in the world! and, you never know, occassionally, you just might! by either accident or intent! :slight_smile: so, keep the manic productivity up! your doing some fine stuff, and dont worry about the manic bit, that will pass, and leave a trail of creativity behind! GREAT! it could be much worse in the hands of a less accomplished creative!
and in the past few weeks, my Aunt (mothers sister) has died, Ive been burgled another 3 times, a tree fell on top of my garage and crushed the roof -I couldnt remove it , as the burglars stole my chainsaws, I have no money/income as the UK government is slowly crushing the people and stopping everything , they then sent me a bill for £12000! to be paid immediately, as, I had no income (from them) so they wanted to know why I wasnt paying them back (financial cock up I have been paying for for nearly 5 years already), Ive had to help set up an ex military charity after a few of the boys topped themselves, a mate, one of the other organisers, collapsed with heart pains and was rushed into hospital the night before last, was released night, I might have to go and baby sit him today if his mrs goes to work, and I am a bit fried, have no internet (or heating - or a kitchen sink even! at home) and so, stayed in this old factory last night where I set up the previous charity to help people, found some extra old clothes and then WOO HOO an old sleeping bag and just stayed here until stupid oclock staring at this glass panel and text, instead of dealing with my world and its woes …and I could go on and on… so! your not alone
I too am up all hours, under the delusion that I am getting stuff done

The difference is, your being clever and creative with your angst
I’m merely consuming and …creating nothing!

but I am now inspired, I might just have to try foundation because of you 3 :smiley:
so cheers
and don’t eat all your videos back up at once,

SEE? your not alone.
:slight_smile: keep making :slight_smile:
You might just get indigestion!
Please, mum, PLEAAAASE! can I have just five more minutes on your video channel…pleaaase


But! … get your projects done too :smiley:

I find the pomodoro technique helps for me when ive got lots to do and dont get overwhelmed and lock up
Using a little mechanical Kitchen timer. …shaped like a burger! I dont have a tomato shaped one :slight_smile:


schpengle - you’re a true hippy, full of kindness and embracing the craziness lol when i calm down and get back to some normality instead of being intense, angry and coming out with comments that make me cringe (deluded that its humour) i’ll hopefully get involved again and Rob will keep you straight on the foundation path!