Tutorial - Creating an animated loading screen

Here is the latest Pinegrow Interactions tutorial:


Is it possible to make shape dividers in pinegrow / interactions ?
It would be awesome to get some pre created shape dividers to use in pinegrow.
Pretty much the same as what Elementor pro has with their shape dividers.

is anyone else having trouble making out the what is actually happening on the screen in these tutorials?

the PG interface seems blurry and the text is nearly impossible to read.

maybe build these on a lower res display setting so it’s accessible to more youtube watchers.

@droidgoo must be low YouTube play quality. Switch to 1080HD manually in the player. We upload videos at 1960x1080.

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Thanks, that improved things a lot. Still, my comment would be to use the Workspace controls to Make UI 125% for tutorial presentations.

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