When setting the standard image size values to 0 in the theme settings, the values 9999 are assigned in the code


In my project, I wanted to disable the generation of standard image sizes, since for my purposes I only need my own custom sizes. I set the width and height values ​​to 0 (by analogy, described in the article in the section “Manually via WP-Admin”), but in the program code they assigned the values ​​9999:

In functions.php:

Addition: it would also be great to see checkboxes in the Pinegrow Theme Converter interface, by clicking on which it would be possible to disable the standard image sizes in one click.

This also leads to an error:

I suspect this is due to the missing semicolon in the generated code on line 51 in the functions.php file (see screenshot in the post above)

If you return the height and width values ​​of the standard sizes to their default values:

​​and click “save” and “export theme”, the generated code will not be deleted and the error will continue to appear on my site. The problem can be solved only by manually deleting the generated code.

Hi @Catative,
Thanks, for bringing this to our attention.

Also, after that, if you select Wordpress-> Regenerate functions.php ..., then the functions_backup.php file will be created in two places: in the root directory of the project and in the _pgexport directory:

In this case, the functions_backup.php file will create the newly generated code, while the functions.php file will remain with my custom code.

Also, only the functions_backup.php file will be exported to the theme folder, functions.php will be replaced by the functions_backup.php file, which will cause errors in Wordpress:

Most likely, during the operation of re-creating functions.php, the names of the functions.php and functions_backup.php files are mixed up.

And then if I manually delete all the functions_backup.php and functions.php files, and then re-execute the command Wordpress -> Regenerate functions.php..., the functions.php file will no longer be created and exported to the theme folder even if I press ^S and ^W