Wp author action on single post template

Hi, I’m having a rather boring problem, that is when I insert in an element the wp action author in the single post template (the general single post template) does not insert the name of whoever posted the msg as per images how can I solve it?
image1: author-on-single-post — ImgBB
image2 (wp installed): author-on-single-post-2 — ImgBB

It’s hard to answer you without seeing the structure of the loop (and if it is present or not)
Did you have the opportunity to check our specific WordPress support procedure?

I installed WP locally via wamp and this is the tree structure

I don’t see any loop in your document.(Converting HTML to WordPress and Show Posts | Pinegrow Web Editor)

  • if you want to make a template for single posts, you should export it as singular.php or single.php

Ok thanks for the help it resolved :smiley: