5.97 Some template parts have multiple definitions

I got this while pressing Ctrl-M (replaces ctrl-W in 5.97)
Maybe I also issue a bug reprt for Ctrl-M but I must first verify if this really inserts new code in my html, it should only export the WP theme… later, first this one:

This one:
each template part should be defined just once per theme with action Define template part. It can be included multiple times with the action include template part.

When I check for example archive.php I only find one template part, so I think it is a bug.

Fault can be reproduced when you press Ctl-M more times after each other, just do it 5 times rapidly…

Looks like this happens if you export the theme while the export is already in progress… Wait for the Export done message before exporting again. Depending on the complexity of the theme, the export can take few seconds or more.

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