FIXED - Confirm file overwrite message appears on wordpress theme export

Hi PG crew :slightly_smiling_face: having a problem exporting WordPress theme whilst following a tute by Bob here (agency bootstrap HTML template conversion to WP):

Have attached a gif of the message. I have also done a short YT vid (3mins) here showing in more detail (not sure if I’m allowed to link to a YT vid or not?):

I’m new to the WP stuff and I’m sure it’s probably my settings. Have done quite a few tutes and read the docs up and down but seem to belting my head against the wall on this one - am sure it’s something simple :upside_down_face: - anyway if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me a clue that would be much appreciated. Thanks and have a good weekend! Cheers, Mark.

I see 1 main issue here:

It seems you are saving your project in the theme export folder which is wrong. You must have a project folder (for the HTML/CSS created with Pinegrow), and the WordPress theme folder where you export the WordPress theme. (see a quick demo here Start your first WordPress theme development in less than 12 minutes | Pinegrow Web Editor)

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Ahh yep I see - files saved in the wrong place arrgghh that’ s all it was - bit dopey from me :laughing: . Thanks Emmanuel - wow you guys are great with the support! Ok on my way again.

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