50% OFF all Pinegrow editions & renewals

@matjaz Thank you for offering the 50% sale during this very trying time for everyone globally.

I was fortunate enough to receive a notice through an email I used long before ever buying Pinegrow and was able to take advantage of this 50% off sale for renewals.

However the email that is associated with my actual Pinegrow purchase license never received this offer even though I have received other offers and news from Pinegrow in the past. Was that by choice to exclude this offer to actual users through email?

I just didn’t want it to be another situation like this for users …

… especially during this time of global and personal struggle for many people across the world who could benefit from this timely generous offer, both new and existing customers.

Stay safe everyone. :pray:

We soft-launched this sale and are using targeted emails to inform the people. The sale is open ended, so there is no worry that some will miss out. We’ll keep it going as long as this challenging situation is not resolved. We’re also ramping up our efforts with creating more educational content.


Oh thats fabulous.
Sorry im not very active atm. Broken computers, corvid 19(i was a bit ill for a few weeks_who knows) poaching Internet from outside garages and on deckings (while socially excluding) no Internet at home (cant afford it) and 5 mile round trip walk to horses fording a river twice, getting home in the dark_doesnt leave much opportunity for web dev, but this is great news.
I Will pass this info onto any web types i know and cheers from thr UK for this, where apparently, we now have more deaths than china!

Thats good to hear and see @matjaz, such efforts go a long way with consumers. Affinity has also been very generous with their 50% off offer during this trying time.

Ending this week - Get Pinegrow for half the price

Just a friendly notice to anyone lurking the Pinegrow forums, or those whom don’t check emails often.