Any current discounts

Are there any current discounts for PG Pro? I’d like to grab it today if so (hint)

Gah! you just missed the big Octobe discount.

that was something like 20% off and/or 50% off annual licences.

I think there was a xmas one, but, they are also running a promotion, where you enter some feedback and get entered into a Lottery to win a licence! -er, but that is at the end of January… not today.

The Funny thing is, I haven/t seen that on here, and I dont use facebook or twitter, so didn’t know about it utnil googling some links to help you

:grinning: Thanks for the reply! I’ll search the net!

oh, and you just missed the PineGrow birthday bash too.
oops, that was 25% off.

January the 8th.

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I’m finding all kinds of OLD discount coupons!!! I guess I’ll have to be patient!

Well, that last one was only 10 days ago today (01.23 on the tenth day)
… a few hours ago… it was 9 days,

I think you asked the day before… that was 8 days…

You could email and ask them if its still available, as you were a week late to the party, as your mother got eaten by bears over Christmas and they also ate one of your legs and its taken you until now to crawl to your keyboard… averting all medical attention, in the rush to get to your beloved Pinegrow App sale, before you bled to death, but luckily the freezing snow you have had to crawl 100miles + through (10+ miles a day on average! -good going) froze your body enough to stop you bleeding out…now…is the offer still available?..Please?/

… they are pretty human, and you never know,

one of them, might just be wondering where their escaped pet bear as got too and might have an awful sinking feeling as you email lands on their lap and try to make good.

… and yes, as you can probably guess, I don’t work in Marketing…
or anywhere else for that matter!

or sales…yes. definitely not in sales.

…mmm well actually, I do have some bear traps…

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…and you know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold!! LOL!!

I’ll drop the good folks at Pinegrow a line and hope they can see their way clear to a “Deal”!