A few questions (Container, Images)


I am new to Pinegrow since about a week. I bought the Pro version.
Now I am a little bit confused. Because when I create a website with ie. Bracktes (pure text) create a container and make a pictrure as background (cover) I will get a picture which has correct dimensons from the left to the right corner. When I do the same in Pinegrow - The Picture is always from the left to about 70% width. The rest blank space. I do not know how to figure this out.

There are some Videos on youtube for pinegrow - but unfortunately not for all funcions.
And the “documentation” is more less than more :wink:

Maybe someone can send me a link, where I can find a very good site to learn more about pinegrow.

My other question - very short - is there no way to insert an image without placing a placeholder from the web before? I mean something like: Drag image tag -> select picture on harddrive ->done.

Thanks for help.

Greetings from Germany

This all sounds (a guess only) like mixing up img-TAG and pure background decoration. If something works in Brackets - it’ll work in PG too. Prepare it in Brackets (the one that works), then open this in PG and have a look at it.

This answer is pretty short as well: No. The way PG works is taking care of “mocking-up” and it’s pretty neat having an image by hand immediately. My two cents.



You would have to show the code of your pages for people to see how your page is constructed. There can be MANY reasons for this including settings within Pinegrow. First look would be at the code and structure of your HTML and also your CSS.