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A Years Free DOMAIN NAME ... well, with some extensions. FREE SSL

Here you go!

Originally for CodePen users.

You can register your free .design and some other extensions for a year with free privacy settings and email.
I just did it.

Which is why Isnt available :smiley:

The Registra is a relatively new one (3rd Generation) - PorkBun
-Maybe not the best name for a company to deal with followers of Islam…

I notice you get one free account with each bank card you register. That is, I registered for an account. used a bank card, got my free domain (Yay!) but wanted another too. set up a new account used the same card, and it said Sorry, this card is already registered to a different account and wouldnt let me use it.
SO, I had to use another!

Oh and if your just using this to learn and fool around, remember to

Or, you will be paying $35 in a years time.