Made with Pinegrow (showcase your work)

I’m going to start a thread where people can share their work. I’m going to kick things off with my own homepage. I’m having a littlebit of trouble setting up my hosting (long story) otherwise I’d put the link in here. For now I’ll put up some screenshots to show off what is possible with Pinegrow (and its interactions plugin).

It is built on Wordpress (using ACF blocks) and the design is completely unique (designed in adobe XD). No CSS framework such as Bootstrap, foundation or tailwind was used. I’d say I managed to recreate the design with 95% accuracy (I had to adjust a few things along the way) which I think is a good result. The language is Dutch (I’m from Flanders, Belgium)

Header block

Pricing blocks


Menu (using the interactions plugin)

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your examples!


My site is finally online (excuse the picture but it is the only passable one I had lying around for now).


It’s nice to see you so active AND creative on here recently @Roel
…er…unlike myself.

Really like your pricing blocks.
Also, do you know that we already actually have a channel dedicated to such fine things as this?

I give you…


Site designed with Pinegrow

This site uses, Bootstrap, Greensock, and of course PG.

Thank you, and yes I am aware of that. Which is why this thread is in that collection. But I thought that grouping some of them in a single thread might be beneficial for some people instead of creating a different thread for each project.

Interesting. Simple yet effective.
I’ve been to Ireland myself once. Beautiful country!

Nice to see interactions at work in another project. The walking cat and flying bird are impressive. Information seems to be well formatted as well.

If I may give a littlebit of friendly constructive criticism: While the achievements of the interactions are impressive. The initial animations are a little overwhelming as a little too much is going on all at once.


My site is finally online