Add WordPress Options to Files in PG Libraries

I’ve been looking for a way for years now to help keep my JS/CSS up to date across my entire WP project (for when I’m working on individual templates in PG). The hard thing is that on all pages (other than the master page) we have to add do not enqueue to every script file so it does not show up twice in functions.php. The only thing I’ve been able to do is manually update every single page if I add/remove new JS/CSS files to the master page (which could easily be 10-15 pages). Could the PG libraries be modified to also have the WP options for enqueuing in the options? Also could that only update all pages except for the master page(s)?

WordPress = Template files = header & footer = master page
As long as you use master pages for your templates (and you can use more than one, there is no limit) and as long as the site content action is defined in your document using master pages, you should never have to manually change what’s in the header or the footer in the corresponding documents.(the elements from the header & footer of the master page will be used)

I believe you are thinking of how the site looks after exported WP, but I’m talking about being able to work on template pages, pages, etc in PG with all the files loaded in PG so I can see what the page in the exported WP will actually look like in PG. Without all the assets loaded in each .html page I can’t see what it will look like once exported to WP is another way of saying it.

It is possible to import the header and footer of your master page into your templates, by using the Apply master page feature (or its derivatives Apply master pages to all open pages, Apply the selected master to related files, Apply master pages on the whole project) which is available via the WordPress menu.

You can then preview a conformal representation of the page (at least, in HTML) with its CSS and associated scripts.