Adding more than 3 customizer controls to element

Hi guys,

Any idea on how to add more than 3 customizer controls to an element?
When i try to combine customizer controls with customizer fields, either one of the fields stops working or they dissapear.

Also when i try to add my own custom controls through custom.php and don’t add a customizer control to the element, they work whilst i am working on the project, but as soon as i exit and reopen the project my wordpress site shows php errors declaring the function doesn’t exist.

Thanks a lot!

To clarify:
When i add a custom control function in custom.php and add a theme mod to pinegrow, it shows up and works untill i close the project.

When i reopen and go to my wordpress site again, it shows the php error.

Hope this makes sense!

Hi @dawidofski,
There are a lot of moving parts, so this is a little hard to troubleshoot. Can you maybe create a support ticket for this and send your project, please? Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor