Animation in Chocka Blocks

Hello, gentlemen professionals!
Please help with the next problem. My brains are too old for me to solve it on my own. What’s the problem? I need to animate every photo on the Chocka Blocks slide without breaking the structure of the slide itself. The animation has to run automatically. The slide has three sliders with three photos each. And these nine photos should be animated with “interaction”. When I do the animation, it plays in the window “Pinegrow”. When I try to look at it in my browser, nothing happens. I also changed the photos from the photo hosting (as was the case with “Chocka Blocks”) to my photos placed on my hosting. Somewhere in my heart I realize that the problem is related to the timing of both the animation itself and the slider. But I can’t solve it. Thank you for your help.

Hi @Igor -
I haven’t played with Chocka Blocks in awhile, great product though @benhanna! It sounds like your problem is more with Interactions than with CB. Can you attach some screen shots of your Interactions setting and timeline(s)?

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