Beta testing time again

Hi All,
So as a programming exercise I put together a new plugin to add simple GitHub functionality to Pinegrow. This is something that is useful to me in my work, so I thought it would be useful to others. I’d like a few beta testers who have some passing knowledge of GitHub to test it out and give me feedback. I would also welcome feedback on the actual plugin code if anyone is feeling ambitious/generous.

My testing has not been exhaustive so this plugin shouldn’t be used in place of your own backup strategies, yet. I’m also open to adding functionality that I may have over-looked. To emphasize however, this is a simple GitHub interface. For example, it can manage simple pull requests, but not branch mergers. Contact me by DM and I’ll send you a file transfer link (although it is on GitHub, so you can search it out there).


Count me in @RobM , would love to test ride :+1:t4:

Hi @RobM,

Me too Bob! Looks interesting! Would it be very difficult to create a update function for dependencies? So you don’t need a build system? did it in their app.