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looking at the source of some plugins, like the Revolution Slider, I see the code invoking methods on a pinegrow object instance, couple of examples:

pinegrow.addScriptToPage(page, ini_str);

I’m wondering if there is any documentation about the pinegrow object, or any code that I can read to learn about it.

Many thanks, F.


currently, the documentation is pretty “compact”. Those two links could make some sense:

Looking at examples is, as you already pointed out, obviously a well made choice.




Hi Thomas,

thanks for answer…

I’m also wondering if you can debug your code by adding breakpoints to the devtools. When I do that (pinegrow for linux) pinegrow closes as soon as I interact with any UI element, including the standard one.

Do you have the same?

Thanks! F.


Sounds like more will eventually come, this was mentioned on the Slack Channel from July, 17, 2017

I think the docs are still being reworked for Pinegrow version 4+ , and added to further. So hopefully at some point the Dev API and Plugins get discussed and documented further also.


That’s definitely my wish as well.

These days, 99% of users worldwide are working at least with one framework-grid, so the need of plugins as I am defining them is probably not very high.

But if someone is like me (two or three persons should even live somewhere) - preferring the start from scratch (or even develop your own grid) - it would be heavily cool to flavor this world with more micro-plugins (comparable to Freeway’s action e.g.).

So having a stand-alone carousel or slider - or a google map - or a google analytics or any other lil helper would be of really cool.

Currently it’s for me nearby impossible to extract them from the big frameworks - I’m simply not good enough.

Well - let’s wait and see.




@matjaz, @earnoud, @MhdAljuboori, @pinegrowteam @pinetreeseverywhere

The above comment in a recent thread, once again brings into question when we might be able to expect proper documentation for the “Pinegrow Plugin / Developer API” ?

** Surely there must reside somewhere internally documentation or at least full code comments from when it was initially developed and implemented? ;–)

Discussion of providing proper documentation has been mentioned for some time:

More documentation will be available soon. —— February 15 2017

We’ll do more for plugin developers once we clear all the PG3 bugs. —— July 7th 2017

Another year has passed, and PG5 is now on the horizon.

I’m sure many have looked through all the available information, plugins, along with the files in the Pinegrow App Bundle itself. Yet so much is still vague as you try to piece together and trace the purpose, all the available function calls, events, properties, etc.

Please provide us with a complete and proper API listing and documentation. No doubt many would love to develop and add more plugins and features to Pinegrow if they were only better equipped to do so.

** Doesn’t something already reside internally?

Thank you.

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Hi guys,

documentation and API are always heavily agreed and welcome - sure.

Personally spoken, “Trial and Error :roll_eyes:” mostly sucks.

But there isn’t a better feeling figuring out something you fought for days. Hooray - it’s like being the :crown: of the :earth_africa:.

Whatsoever! Another point to think about could be a (mainly) closed Slack discussion between manufacturer and plugin writers. Closed just because I think into another direction:

A plugin can be powerful. It can heavily extend PG and it could be even part of PG default. So on the one hand, a remote person is working on a task which is on developers plan anyway - so twice the work.

An example could be CSS-Grid. Recently, I tried to add a very basic version to my Reginald-Framework. Meanwhile @matjaz wrote a version thousands time better which is now part of to the APP core. Certainly a much better one - the greatest in market at the day of writing - just for the protocol, and thanks to @matjaz for wrapping its use with those nice video-screencasts.

Another thing could be the <picture> element I recently picked up (after years) once again as responsive images concept. It’s not part of the library so far. A basic version of it could be part of my framework as well. But it could be even part of the default lib - so twice the work again … or?

That’s why I tend not discussing all and everything on a public platform - keeping some smaller things kinda hidden. And who knows? Some of those discussion members even help building this API - or documentation or whatever job that needs to be done there (such as translating stuff :de: or whatever).

Just a cent or two from my side.